The South African Protea Producers and Exporters Association (SAPPEX) was established as a non-profit organization in 1965 under the name SAWGRA (S.A. Wild Flower Growers Association).   The name was changed to SAPPEX in 1974. 

The Association aims to represent all South African producers and exporters of Proteaceae and other floral materials originating from the South African indigenous flora, and to further their interest.  SAPPEX is not a marketing organization and deals mainly with policy and other matters regarding the industry.   Its focus in all actions is to place the interest of the Industry first. 

The Executive Secretary and Membership Administrator/bookkeeper run the everyday business of the Association under direction of the Executive Committee. 


Our vision is to ensure that an economically stable and financially sound commercial Protea and Fynbos industry exists in harmony with the environment and that the industry contributes on a national basis towards balanced economic growth and prosperity of the broader community and is recognized on the overseas market as an important role player in the supply of quality products. 


To act exclusively on behalf of our members through supportive activities.


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